Posted 3 months ago

I kneel by my window
elbows warm on my radiator
winter cold breathing across
my face through the window
I listen to the wind blow
dancing snowflakes through 
my streetlight’s orange glow
I sit mesmerized and drift back
into countless nights of gazing
back when I thought the twinkles
scattered in the snow were magic
I let the clean white snow settle 
on my thoughts
make me pure again
even for just one night
~Olivia Sokol

Posted 3 months ago

The doodle of an embittered insomniac, it is currently four a.m.

Posted 3 months ago


I am trapped in a dream,
everything is muted
nothing is real.
My thoughts swim
through the sad grey air
like driftwood in water.
My glassy eyes color the room
in shades of a movie.
I think I am screaming,
but I am so far away
I can’t tell.
My breathing slows,
I am to weak to move.
The walls of my room undulate,
I seep away in the current.
I blink and pinch myself,
but I can’t wake up,
because this foggy hell
Is reality.

~Olivia Sokol

Posted 3 months ago
Posted 3 months ago

Portrait of Emma in Pink

I painted this portrait of my lovely friend Emma, whose hair is currently pink. I took some “artistic liberties” because I wanted it to be more about her expression, than realism.

Posted 4 months ago

I really don’t know how I would survive without music

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I love your blog ughh why are you so gorgeous??
highervoltage asked

awwwww thanks :) why are you?

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Portrait of a pig

Posted 5 months ago


Me skating in my Halloween costume. No better day to weird out my neighbors haha.

A video I made just cuz